What Are The Best Golf Rangefinders

Welcome to my golf GPS review site. As an avid golfer, I am fully aware of the importance of choosing the right equipment to help improve your game and, ultimately, your handicap. This includes, of course, finding the best golf rangefinders.

To find the best golf laser rangefinder, I took a number of factors into account, including the specifications and features, the cost and, most importantly, feedback from golfers who had actual experience using these tools and devices. Those achieving a rating close to 5 are recommended.

Based on these factors, the top performing brands are Garmin, GolfBuddy, Bushnell and Callaway.


Golf GPS Brand Golfer Feedback (5/5) Price ($) Annual Membership Fees
Callaway Golf Diablo 4.5 242.83 No
Bushnell Medalist 4.5 224 No
Garmin Approach G3 4.5 160.57 No
Garmin Approach S1 4.5 160.57 No
GolfBuddy Voice 4.5 107.66 No
Golf Buddy Tour 4 355 No
Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker 4 329.99 No
Bushnell Neo Plus 4 149.99 Yes
GolfBuddy World Platinum 3.5 299 No
GolfBuddy Platinum 3.5 299 No
GolfBuddy World 3.5 179.99 No
Bushnell Pro 1M 3 599.99 No
Callaway idTECH 3 399.95 No


Garmin Golf GPS Reviews

Garmin is one of the most popular brand names when it comes to golf tools and devices. In several reviews, 2 Garmin products have come out on top and are highly recommended. They are the Garmin Approach G3 Golf GPS and the Garmin GPS Golf Watch.

Golfers who have tried Garmin products, particularly those two mentioned, agreed that these devices are very easy to use, and they are also both accurate and reliable, making them absolute must-haves when out on the course. Some mentions have also been made regarding the free updates, and many appreciated the fact that users do not have to subscribe to anything or sign up for any membership in order to take advantage of such updates.

As for the unit itself, its main draw among users is its ultra-light weight, making it easy to bring practically anywhere. In fact, they can just safely place it in their pockets, and then easily forget that it is there. It is that light.

Golf Buddy Reviews

Golf Buddy is also another force to reckon with. They have a number of golf GPS products that have gained mostly positive reviews.

A majority of the golfers who have personal experience with this brand named 5 specific Golf Buddy Golf GPS products as more than worth their while (and money). This comes as no surprise; after all, Golf Buddy is a company that has been around for a long time and has established a solid reputation due to the quality of its line.

Among the reviewed Golf Buddy products, the Golf Buddy Voice GPS Rangefinder got the highest ratings and most favourable reviews. In fact, a large majority of the golfers highly recommend what they call as “the tiny golf GPS rangefinder that speaks” for any golfer, regardless of their skill level. The fact that it is very small and ultra-light – barely the size of a matchbox – also makes it a winner. It is hands-free, so that also adds to its convenience factor, and making it the easiest and most portable golf GPS rangefinder you will ever come across.

The Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder is not far behind, ranking a close second to the Golf Buddy Voice GPS Rangefinder. It is definitely a very good alternative to the Voice.

Rounding out the top 5 Golf Buddy rangefinders on the list are the Golf Buddy Platinum GPS Rangefinder, the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Range Finder and the Golf Buddy World GPS Range Finder. All these are touted as “above average”, and will give you the accuracy and reliability that you are looking for in your rangefinders.

These powerful handheld GPS devices feature a storage capacity that can hold up to 40,000 golf courses and, since they already come preloaded with thousands of courses, they can be put to use right out of the box. No downloads necessary. The cases are water-resistant, making them ideal for use in any weather condition. Since they are also shock-resistant, they are not as prone to damage as other flimsier brands.

Bushnell Golf Range Finder Reviews

Within the Bushnell Golf GPS range of products, it is the Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder that got the best reviews. Golfer feedback on the Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS Rangefinder and Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser Rangefinder and GPS Unit was also very good and come recommended.

Bushnell is known to be a pioneer of the golf laser rangefinder, and its best contribution, according to experts, is its Pinseeker technology. When this mode is switched on, the device easily acquires the position of the flag – or any other target – and blocks out the other objects in the background. It zeroes in on the closer target and ignores the one further behind it. This method of isolation helps greatly when coming up with a strategy during a golf game.

The Bushnell Pro 1M Golf Laser Rangefinder, on the other hand, was deemed to be a poor performer, and users should look for products other than this one.

Callaway Golf Gps Rangefinder Reviews

In the Callaway Golf GPS reviews, it is the Callaway Golf Diablo Octane Rangefinder by Nikon that easily stands out. It boasts Nikon’s superior optics and its exclusive First Target Priority Mode, which is similar to Bushnell’s Pinseeker Technology. This enables users to focus on the closer target without being bothered by a dense backdrop of trees and other objects.

It also got a lot of thumbs-up for its affordable price. It’s a simple device – there are no LED or LCD displays – but it does the job very well and, at its inexpensive price, it gives great value for your money.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said of the Callaway idTECH Rangefinder, which fell short in many golfers’ standards.

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