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Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder sports an array of useful features. This includes course storage capacity of 20,000, dynamic green technology, digital scorecard and finally technology for target customization. GolfBuddy essentially comes as a range finder with superb features that make it among the most powerful GPS gadgets on offer today within the market.

Golf Buddy Tour Key Qualities


  • Color screen of high resolution
  • True GPS tracking which features automatic recognition of both hole and course
  • Additional capabilities of targeting
  • Ability of calculating driving distance
  • Rechargeable battery of Lithium-polymer variety
  • Multi-lingual functionality
  • Module for score-tracking


What Are the Key Benefits Of The GolfBuddy Tour


Golf Buddy Tour Review


This GolfBuddy range finder will afford you confidence by offering exact statistics of where to tour and the distance you require covering in order to reach there. The enormous and user-friendly screen of this GPS tool provides precise measurements of distance to bunkers, greens, hazards, lakes and lay-up points.


Each unit consists of dynamic green view that alters shape of green, which depends upon the approach angle. The information you target comes preloaded with the device featuring custom plotting technology that allows for including a maximum of 11 selected targets to each course, along with what GPS GolfBuddy offers.


Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder features unique automatic feature for hole and course recognition, which offers players information on the course and hole being played. Manual operation and aiming in order to establish distance to green becomes unnecessary when using this gadget.

You can achieve liberation from hidden membership costs along with fees for download by acquiring this GolfBuddy range finder. It features preloaded courses covering both the US and Canada and has the ability to store a maximum of 20,000 courses out of over 30,000 worldwide ones. Expect the GPS Range Finder to deliver the details which you require at no extra cost after purchasing the unit. Each unit brings you true GPS functionality, having automatic recognition for both hole and course and features dynamic green view that changes shape of green as per the approach angle you employ. Target information comes preloaded as well and customizable target technology facilitates addition of 11 targets maximum per hole. Look forward to enjoying use of this range finder that utilizes revolutionary powerful technologies, straightforward application and a user-friendly LCD screen of high resolution.

The Score Tracking feature of this GolfBuddy GPS device enables you to store up a record reaching maximum of 1,000 golfing rounds within your unit. Apart from keeping scores with distinction, the device as well stores up details of the course in which you played and the date when this took place. This particular feature proves to be quite handy in backing up handicap data. It also helps in back-tracking on scores of previous rounds, played on given dates at specified courses.

Knowing what actual distance you hit using each club indeed is a critical part of playing golf in the best manner. This device’s Mark Feature helps you measure the distance of your shot by simply touching one button. You just require taking your shot from the current position, pushing Mark button found on your GolfBuddy’s side then travel towards where the ball lands. This action will then offer accurate assessment of the far you have hit the shot.

The Hazard Avoidance feature is vital during play owing to the numerous man-made and natural hazards occurring on the course when golfing. These primarily give a course its character and present varying difficulty levels to different players. It thus helps to know where exactly the hazards are situated and how you can keep them from obstructing your play. Such action would help in eliminating strokes from play. This GPS rangefinder from GolfBuddy displays values of distance for each hazard experienced “in play”, along with variable aspects of terrain that affect course management along with shot selection.

It also offers a listing of all items that affect play, even when you are unable to view them from where you are located at present. Layups and Carries help in knowing the location of any particular hazard and avoid it with sufficient effectiveness. Lay-up refers to the approach distance, whereas carry distance is the distance covered when passing the item. The device offers you all these values whenever in need of them. It is designed to furnish you with multiple information screens to keep you aware constantly of each distance.

This rangefinder also comes with an Automatic Recognition feature for the course as well as the current hole which comes in very handy to the golfer too. Without it, you would have a hard time sorting through thousands of pre-loaded courses before finding your golfing course in particular. Powering on the device automatically locates your course and hole, therefore swiftly bringing up information on yardage. Many users who left product reviews online were very impressed by this.

The Auto Hole Recognition on its part tracks your position at the course, automatically advancing to each hole as play progresses. This facilitates you to maintain mental focus on the game without facing the challenge of setting manually your unit while advancing towards the hole following up next.

The Continuous Distance Updates feature and the Your Current Position feature immediately start measuring values of distance to green and all your target points. Measurements of distance get updated automatically, making manual refreshing of the screen effortless while moving along a particular course.

Golf Course customization is an amazing application that allows users to add a maximum of 11 extra targets for every hole. It facilitates the addition of lay-up points of your choice together with specified carry distances and comes as an addition to the targets which your unit already has programmed within.

You need to know actual distance which you hit using each club as it will help in executing better golf-play. This function is served by the feature of Remaining Distance Display to Green.Golf Buddy Tour GPS Range Finder measures 4.25 by 2.25 by 1 inches and weighs 4.23 ounces with the battery included.

Were Golfers Please With the Performance of the GolfBuddy Tour

In a nutshell, this device is a must have for every golfer who would like an easy to use device that does not compromise on precision. Many users who bought this device were happy with the purchase so you’ll probably be happy too if you take the leap.

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