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The GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder is a technological wonder with unmatched functions and features. According to many buyers who left reviews online, it lets you to have world tracks in a match box size with its 40,000 track storage ability. 33,000 tracks from around the globe by now come pre-installed and are 100% free of charge. The most amazing features are the user-friendliness, the lively user interface, and the voice notifying you the distance.

Golf Buddy Voice Features

  • Audio space information (it informs you the distance)
  • 40,000 course capability
  • Tracks from around the globe pre-loaded
  • No download or annual fees
  • Distances to center / front / rear of the green
  • Automatic hole and course recognition
  • Small distance measurement
  • Volume control
  • Multilingual
  • Active green view
  • Supports many greens

Golf Buddy Voice GPS Specifications

  • Size: 1.68”by 1.68” by 0.43” / 42.8mm by 42.8mm by 11mm
  • Weight: 0.99Oz / 28g (counting battery)
  • Screen: Mono LCD
  • Button: 5 Buttons
  • Battery: Lithium polymer battery
  • Course capability: 40,000 Course
  • Language: Multilingual

How it Works

Given that the majority of the tracks are pre-loaded on the gpsgolfbuddy, setting it up is as uncomplicated as every other GPS used. Enter the golf course and start the unit with the tap of a button and wait for it to make out where you are. That is all and the entire process takes under a minute. Once ready, you can clip your golf buddy to anything for instance, your visor, hat, belt or shirt pocket.

From online product reviews for golf rangefinders, when it comes to making use of GPS, there appears to be 2 kinds of people. Those that would like something really sophisticated that boasts stat tracking and over and those that would like something small and uncomplicated that offer you the distances you need and require on every hole. The GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder falls into the second and is so simple to make use of its amazing. Everything is at the press of a switch in a small pack up that is attached to your body.

What Did Golfers Like abou the GolfBuddy Voice GPS

Without a doubt, the initial thing you will see as regards the Golf Buddy Voice is its magnitude. It’s small! Similar size in width of a golf ball, the gadget can be attached to your bag strap, bag, belt and cap or even on the wall of a laser. It is not intended to be a handheld gadget, however, rather attached someplace and stays fairly concealed.

The Voice mechanically establishes the track you are playing as soon as you turn it on hence there is no track downloading necessary and the pre-round training and loading takes one or two minutes. Once set up, you just push the button and a polite lady’s voice says “Hole number one, 360 yards to green the center”.

The Voice can as well be set to provide you readings to the back or the front of the green and if you require more than one of these figures you ought to push and hold the core button. This is not easy to use since pushing and holding the switch for every yardage is quite a bother for most people. However, all 3 yardages can be spoken to you all together in your chosen order.

If you include a laser rangefinder in that case setting the Voice to verbalize the back of the green yardage even as you zap the precise distance to the flag is most likely the best setting, if not remain faithful to the center of the green yardage.

The volume can be effortlessly regulated if you are concerned about upsetting fellow competitors or other golfers. In actual fact, many people actually take pleasure in using it on mute, and just looking at the yardage. Having the Voice on your cap speaking softly in your ear is as well good fun.

One good feature on the GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder is the shot measurement attribute. Hit a shot, push the “P” switch on the side of the gadget and the gadget starts measuring. Push it once more once you get to your ball and you find out just how much you are misjudging hitting the ball.

The other good thing of the golf buddy gps is the cost and its user-friendliness. No yearly charge or necessary membership is a good thing, and you do not have to worry concerning plugging in the track ahead of the game, the satellites will achieve that for you. It is as well low-priced enough to think about purchasing with a laser to acquire the finest of both worlds, which is the way to go until somebody makes a decent merged gadget.

The choice of having the voice speak to you is an excellent feature and will be perfect in your group of four, even though it takes one or two seconds just to look at the display.

What Were The Consumer Complaints

Since it is such a tiny gadget you fail to remember you are wearing it, nevertheless owing to the form feature, the buttons are as well very tiny and can make it difficult to make out what you are pushing while you are not looking straight at it.

The device does not always know which hole you are on. After finishing a hole, you imagine the gadget will move to the next one, nevertheless every so often on very spread out tracks and once more on tracks that are packed together and run two ways, the device gets confused and makes you to play the wrong hole. It is simply fixed by pressing two buttons and selecting the hole to play.

Should You Buy This Golfbuddy

The GolfBuddy Voice GPS Rangefinder has dazzled many and continues to through its use. It works as publicized and delivers precise measurements with the tap of a button. It is as well a great discussion piece while not playing with your usual group. If you are in search of small and handy, and you are content with GPS yardages, GolfBuddy GPS is an excellent option.


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